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A personal photographic tour of Scotland
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Barrhead_s Nuclear Bunker.jpg
Barrhead's Nuclear Bunker, Fereneze Hills2410 views1 comments05/21/04 at 14:19Jim Wilson: Had I discovered this edifice and not known about ...
Stone carving, Galloway Forest Park.jpg
Stone Carvings, Galloway Forest Park1198 views1 comments04/22/04 at 01:59Jim Wilson: The three sages: Frankinstein, Goldie and Murray?
Moat House Hotel.jpg
Moat House Hotel814 views1 comments04/17/04 at 15:54Jim Wilson: The object on the roof looks like an anti-aircraft...
The Hammils.jpg
The Hammils1084 views1 comments03/18/04 at 04:34Jim Wilson: I know this view and it's nice to see the falls in...
St Georges Mansions.jpg
St George's Mansions1267 views2 comments03/17/04 at 18:19Jim Wilson: Just an apartment building some may say but just l...
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