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A personal photographic tour of Scotland
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Caldwell House, South side.jpg
View of Caldwell House from the South2614 views1 comments01/21/07 at 18:08Nula: excellent photos Razz how do I contact the perso...
A Perfect lawn?425 views1 comments01/15/07 at 19:51Victor: Hover bovver!! Yes! The perfect lawn!!! Very Happy
John Neilson Institute.jpg
The John Neilson Institute, Oakshaw, Paisley2368 views1 comments12/31/05 at 17:26Lorna: This is my old school, but I only spent my first t...
Coats Memorial Church full view.jpg
Coats Memorial Church1607 views1 comments12/31/05 at 17:23Lorna: The church is just as beautiful inside as it is ou...
Abbey Cherry Blossom.jpg
Cherry Blossom blowing in the wind at the Abbey1385 views1 comments12/31/05 at 17:19Lorna: This has to be one of the prettiest times of the y...
Dunoon Pier.jpg
Over looking the old Pier, Dunoon, circa 2003651 views1 comments11/05/05 at 21:20Jim Wilson: This is s lovely view and the old pier looks in re...
The big steps.jpg
The big steps2401 views3 comments09/09/05 at 02:53scotland: Rolling Eyes what a load o fun i had here with me pals :...
The Barrhead High School.jpg
The 'new' Barrhead High School2197 views1 comments09/09/05 at 02:51scotland: Smile i remember it being built
St Johns Roman Catholic Church.jpg
St John's Roman Catholic Church, Barrhead3674 views1 comments09/09/05 at 02:50scotland: Very Happy what a site so menay memories
2005, Cattle in main ring.jpg
2005, Cattle parading in the main ring573 views1 comments05/13/05 at 11:04mrmagoo: that them twa pollis lookin fur me again! lucky a...
2005, The Neilston Show, montage.jpg
The 180th Neilston Show, Holehouse, 7th May 2005708 views1 comments05/10/05 at 09:38mrmagoo: I was unable to be there in person, so I thank you...
Allans Corner, Barrhead.jpg
Allan's Corner, Barrhead3451 views3 comments05/05/05 at 09:35izb: Very nice photo
Barrhead Centenery Park Panorama.jpg
Centenery Park, Barrhead3070 views1 comments05/04/05 at 08:03Suzy: wonderful
The big steps.jpg
The big steps2401 views3 comments04/28/05 at 18:04Suzy: happy memories
Glasgow Central Station.jpg
Glasgow Central Station2255 views1 comments04/28/05 at 13:22Suzy: Happy days when I got the train home to barrhead
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