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A personal photographic tour of Scotland
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Neilston and Renfrewshire AreaPicture of Neilston and surrounding area
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Neilston Village

Neilston Parish Church, Spring 2005.jpg

Pictures taken around the Village

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The Neilston Show


The Neilston Show is held close to the village every May with a tradition stretching back more than 180 years. A great day out for all the family, provided it doesn't rain!

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Neilston Live!


An annual festival celebrating Neilston life and culture

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Gravestones of Neilston Parish Church


Some of the Grave stones in the grave yard around Neilston Parish Church. This will be no means be a complete record since many are unreadable, face down, or badly damaged.

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Countryside around Neilston

Loch Libo.jpg

The countryside in the vicinty of Neilston

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Barrhead is about 2 miles down the hill from Neilston with a present day population of about 17,000

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Town of Paisley

Paisley Town Hall.jpg

Paisley is about 4 miles from Neilston and has a population of over 79,000

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Paisley Abbey


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Views around Renfrewshire

Greenbank House.jpg

Renfrewshire is the county that Neilston resides in and takes in large towns such as paisley, a lot of farm land and some hilly areas such as the Glennifer braes.

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Lost World of Caldwell Estate

Caldwell House, North West view.jpg

Everywhere has its forgotten places. These pictures Document Caldwell Estate, the former home of the Mure of Caldwell. The land and house is now under private ownership and the wider estate is used for pheasant shooting so it isn't an area to roam about the woods.

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Pylon of the Month


A not too serious celebration of the humble Electricity Pylons around Neilston.

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Dunlop House


Actually in East Ayrshire but only a few miles west of Neilston. Dunlop house was built in 1833 by John Dunlop. Listed in 1971 as a category A building by Historic Scotland. Today it stands empty awaiting development. All these pictures were taken in September 2006.

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Neilston MeteorCam


Video clips captured by a low light video camera looking for meteors in the night sky. The camera is a monochrome camera.

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Dunbartonshire and LanarkshireViews from around Glasgow and its vicinity
6 708
Glasgow City

glasgow suspension bridge panorama.jpg

The city centre is about 12 miles from Neilston. Glasgow is by far Scotland's largest city, the conurbation takes in about 1/3 of the total population of Scotland

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Glasgow Parks


The name Glasgow means 'dear green place, Glasgow lives up to this by having more than 70 public parks.

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Glasgow Area


Views around the Glasgow area

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Views around Lanarkshire

Calderglen Country Park, Autumn.jpg

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World War Z, Glasgow


In August 2011, George Square and a few surrounding streets were transformed into the streets of Philadelphia whilst filming for the new Brad Pitt film, World War Z took place. Apparently, for tax reasons they decided not to film it in Philadelphia PA. With its grid system and architecture Glasgow does a pretty good impersonation, although I'm sure people who live in Philidelphia might think otherwise.

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Ayrshire and InverclydePictures from around Ayrshire and Inverclyde, West Central Scotland
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Town of Ayr


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Castles & Historic sites of Ayrshire & Arran

Dunure Castle.jpg

Castles, Historic buildings and sites around Ayrshire, Arran and Inverclyde

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Views around Ayrshire, Arran & Inverclyde

Arran Sunset.jpg

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Town of Irvine

Irvine Harbour view.jpg

Scotland's last planned "New town" and the only one built on the coast.

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Town of Largs


A seaside town on the firth of Clyde, once a popular holiday resort.

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Towns & Villages of Ayrshire & Inverclyde

Radio City, Kilbirnie.jpg

Ayrshire is full of attractive little towns and villages that hug its coast lines or hide in its green valleys.

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Dumfries and GallowayPictures from around Dumfries & Galloway, south west Scotland
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Historic Buildings around Dumfries & Galloway


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Dumfries & Galloway countryside


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Towns of Dumfries & Galloway


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Argyll & Bute
4 418
Towns & Villages of Argyll & Bute


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Scenery of Argyll & Bute

Redwoods, Benmore.jpg

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Loch Lomond

Ben Lomond.jpg

Loch Lomond, 40 minutes from the centre of the City of Glasgow and another world completely. Now part of the Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park, Scotland's first National park.

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Historic sites of Argyll & Bute

Inverary Castle.jpg

Castles, and Ancient Monuments around Argyll & Bute

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Edinburgh, Lothians & Falkirk Region
4 239
Edinburgh City

Edinburgh Castle.jpg

Views around Edinburgh, Scotland's capital city

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Historic Buildings of Falkirk & Lothians region


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Views around Lothians & Falkirk Region


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The Queensferry Crossing


Photos taken during the construction of the Queensferry Crossing Bridge. Built to replace the 50 year old Forth Road Bridge and at the time of its construction one of the biggest infrastructure projects in Scotland for a generation. Construction started in 2011 and the bridge opened in 2017.

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Stirling, Perth & Kinross, Fife and Angus Regions
4 334
Views around Fife


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The Trossachs & Stirling


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Views around Perth & Kinross


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Views around Dundee & Angus area


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Highland RegionThis gallery covers all the way from Fort William up to John O Groats and everywhere in between up the west coast. Probably the most spectacular scenery that Scotland has to offer.
5 883
Scenery of Skye & Lochalsh area

Sunset over Isle of Skye.jpg

The Tourist Board would tell you Skye is the Isle of Mystery, but the correct meaning is the Isle of Mist.

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Lochaber Area


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Ross & Cromarty

Stac Pollaidh Mountain.jpg

Ross & Cromarty covers a large area of the Highlands stretching from Gairloch on the west to Cromarty in the east.

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Caithness & Sutherland

White Sands of Durness.jpg

This area covers the most northern part of the Scottish mainland.

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Inverness & Nairn area


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Grampian Region
2 435
Historic sites of Aberdeenshire & Moray


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Views around Aberdeenshire & Moray


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Scottish Borders RegionThe southern most part of Scotland is divided fairly equally between Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish Borders Region. Scottish borders takes in the right hand side and covers most of the actual border with England.
1 130
Views around Scottish Borders Region


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Secret ScotlandScotland's historic military Castles and sites are well known, but where are the more recent ones? The answer is all around us, and often in unexpected places.
6 249
World War I and II sites


Memorials and sites related to World War I and II

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Royal Navy depots and bases

RFA Fort Victoria, Loch Long.jpg

Scotland's west coast has always had a strategic importance as a place for anchoring naval vessels from WWII up until the cold war and even today is the location of the UK's Trident Missile Submarines and the main training area for its attack Submarine fleet.

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G8 Summit, July 2005

Air Force One, Prestwick 2005.jpg

Not a secret, but rarely do you get so many VIP's and such a big security operation in Scotland

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Naval Shipyards

HMS St Albans, Scotstoun.jpg

Scotland has in the past built many of the Royal Navy's great warships but today there are only two yards remaining, the former Yarrows Shipbuilders at Scotstoun and Govan Shipbuilders, both today are owned by BAe Systems.

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Cold war Bunkers & other relics


The Royal Observer Core was established in 1925 to identify hostile aircraft. In the 1950's they were given the additional task of monitoring a nuclear attack on the UK for which some 1500 underground concrete bunkers were built in every corner of the UK. The ROC was stood down in 1991 but many of the monitoring post can still be spotted. For more info check out Sub Brit's web site

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Random 'secrets'


Things that don't fall into the other catagories that I've stumbled upon in my travels.

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All Our YesterdaysThis area contains material taken with film cameras of one sort or another. Some are 8mm cine film taken in the 1960's others are 35mm film photographs taken between the 1970's and early 2000's.
11 357
8mm Cine Film


This Album contains a selection of very short 8mm Colour Cine film clips made by my late Father in the 1950's and 60's. To view these requireds a modern HTML5 compliant browser. The files are encoded in MP4 format.

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Glasgow Garden Festival 1988


The Glasgow Garden Festival was held in 1988 on an area of former dockland in the centre of the city. It lasted all summer and almost everything was removed at the end before the land was redeveloped for new uses. It was a bit like the Empire exhibitions of days gone by, it was a celebration of everything Scottish with a gardening theme and something that is still fondly remembered by anyone who visited it.

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Around Scotland 1974-1999


Photographs taken around Scotland from the 1970's up until about 1999 on mostly 35mm film but also a few other formats.

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Oslo 1988


A few random Photographs taken in Oslo City Centre during an alledged "busines trip" in 1988.

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Anchorage Airport, Alaska, 1989


A few photos tkaen in 1985 and 1986 during refueling stops on flights to Tokyo. I believe you can now get non-stop flights from London to Tokyo that fly over the pole.

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Tokyo, 1985/86


Yet another "Jolly" from a company I worked for in another life, I didn't complain though.

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Around England and Wales, 1975 to 1999


Photographs taken around England and Wales between 1975 and about 1999. They are mostly 35mm film and a few other formats

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Canada 1989


A few photographs taken on a one day visit to Canada from the US back around April 1989.

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Pennsylvania & New Jersey 1989


35mm Photographs taken around New Jersey and Pennsylvania in 1989.

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New York City, 1989


Views around New York City, taken around May 1989 on 35mm film.

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The Royal International Air Tatoo, 1993


The International Air Tatoo is held every summer at RAF Fairford in England. It describes itself as the world's greatest airshow You'll see military aircraft from every corner of the world. The photographs in this album were all taken on the 24th July 1993, the year that two MIG-29 demonstrator aircraft collided mid-air. Lucky both pilots ejected safely and the aircraft crashed well away from spectators. All the aircraft seen here well still in service in 1993.

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EnglandDespite the tag line for this Photo Gallery being a Photographic Tour of Scotland there are times when you just can't help visiting our friends across the border.
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Views around England


Views around Northern England.

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